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Balanced by Zorica
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About Me

Holistic Wellness Specialist

I use a system of muscle testing, acupressure, light massage and specific movements to improve postural balance and reduce physical and mental pain and tension. Through these techniques I help clients remove mental blocks and support mental development.


Every problem, every mental pressure and every physical pain is the body's attempt to communicate with you. I use this to find the root cause to help the client permanently eliminate or at least alleviate the problem. Through the holistic consideration of mind, body and nutrition I am able to achieve the goals of permanent improvement.

This isn’t therapy in the traditional sense. I help my clients find the healing within themselves. Because this is the only place where the answers for their problems can be found. With the great tool of muscle testing I have the wonderful opportunity to communicate with the subconscious and locate the location of the stress. Through my extensive knowledge of different methods I can look for a way to release this stress so that the client can develop in the desired direction.

About Me
Why balance

Why is balance important?

It can help with

Mental Blocks

These occur more often than we think, although most of them usually resolve themselves over time. Those who don't, however, can cause us long-term problems, both physically and mentally. We can spot and resolve these with the Balances of Touch for Health.


This is the number one reason for my clients to seek help. We are all under immense pressure, whether it's at work, at home or even in pro sports. We're bound to feel tired, struggle to sleep und feel dissatified over time. The Balances is a great tool to identify stress, alleviate it and bring ourselves back into balance. This results in more energy and joy in life. 

Chronic Pain

Have you tried everything but haven't found the solution to alleviate your pain? Your body is trying to make you aware of an underlying problem that you might not yet be aware of. Together with the Balances, we can track these down and resolve them.

Weight Management

Have you tried various diets but your lost weight and old habits returned as soon as you stopped? Of course, diet and movement are important but, in many cases, there are other reasons why we gain weight, especially when we don't really eat much. Stress has a big impact on our bodies and tends to result in weight gain in people with slower metabolisms. Let's identify and alleviate your stress for a chance of reaching your long-term weight goals.


Balances relax your brain like massages relax your body. On a daily basis, your head works more than your body, so give it some rest from time to time. Your head will thank you for it. 


Focus is very important in many life events. With Balances of the Optimal Brain Organization, we can facilitate better communication between different areas of the brain, which results in improved focus in various situations. 

What my clients say

"How did the Balances help during my cancer treatment and therapy? 
Working with Zorica brought many benefits during these challenging times. The Balances helped reduce the surgery's aftereffects and the chemotherapy's side effects while alleviating psychological stress. 
In extreme stressful situations, Zorica was spontaneous and helped me quickly with Balancing or conversations. Zorica came across very authentic and motivated. She always listened carefully and took all my concerns seriously. Thanks to her empathatic nature, I quickly found my inner peace. She also took the time to explain each and every step of the treatment so that I would always know what to expect. Zorica has really motivated me and given me advice on my diet as well as practical selfhelp methods so that I can help myself quickly when needed." 

Cancer Survivor, 45 year old woman


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